Commissions and Fees

1. The alliance pays each agency as an independent contractor, just as the companies do.

2. On direct bill accounts, the alliance pays each agency by the end of the month for commissions received in that month.

3. On agency bill accounts, the agency is to pay the alliance by the 10th of the month in which it is due to the company.

4. All commissions are paid per company contracts.

5. All contingent commissions are paid as commission in the month that they are received from the company.

6. Joining fee based on agency size and participation. (Bookroll incentives available)

7. Monthly maintenance fee is $300 plus 10% of the gross commission. Access to PL Rater included in this fee.

Example – If you write a $1000 auto/home package that pays 20% commission you will receive 90% of the $200 commission.

8. For accounts that you have us market for you, the fee is 35% of the commission.